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A must read series

Author/s  N.K. Jemisin

Book/s   The Killing Moon

The shadowed Sun

Publisher Little, Brown

Date 1st May & 7th June

Why I read? I read her earlier series and really loved it.


Gut Feeling I was really nervous before starting to read this book.  I had enjoyed the earlier series and I was worried that this series would be a let-down.  However, I really enjoyed this series and thought that it is better than the first series.  The world is so engrossing, the characters are interesting and it is a real page turner.

Summary Since these are relatively new books, I will keep the summary as abstract as possible. This is a world that values peace and hates violence/corruption.  This is a world in which gatherers and sharers stalk the night. Gathers give a peaceful end to the dying and death to the corrupt. While, sharers give peace in order to heal.

Conclusion I really enjoyed the fact that this book was not set in fantasy’s traditional world of medieval Europe. It was a change to be placed within a world loosely based on that of Ancient Egypt. The world is a believable one. The books raise some interesting questions concerning the role of peace and war within any given society. READ THIS SERIES. I look forward to Jemison’s next offering

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