Stories don’t always come from the centre. They arise from the margins, from the borderlands.  Therefore, this blog will focus on books from these areas. It will seek to promote writers from cultures that are not, normally, seen in literary discourse.  It will promote the voices of members of queer/lgbt+ communities.  Analysis of the writing of BME authors will be at the heart of this blog.  In addition, this blog will foreground the work of independent, and university, presses and publishers. The best stories are weird. I really like works that breaks through the boxes. Those works that defy description and classification; Works that combine real life and the supernatural and that make it difficult to know the difference between the two. I am interested in works that combine various genres to create something new.

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    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. My definition of the weird is extremely broad. It’s runs the gamut from Stephen King to Winterson. It encompasses literary fiction, surreal fiction, horror, science fiction or nonfiction; anything with challenges our view of the world or the novel itself. It can be weird in content or experimental in structure. Basically, It’s whatever I like 😀

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