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A very wet Weekly wrap up for the week beginning 10th June 2019

Credit Jon Ly (with many thanks) Via upslash

Will it ever stop raining. It’s been another wet and grey week. I have done a good amount of writing. Two blog posts have gone up this week. At least they will have gone up when this has been posted. I have two posts awaiting review and will, hopefully, appear next week.

Reading wise, I Have read Nine Flush Unicorn. This is the second in a series that began with the book Unicorn Space. This series is wonderfully surreal. While, at the same time being, very socially aware. The world of this book has; unicorns, ghosts, dryads, and other mythical creatures. Humans have gone into space. They have come into contact with planets full of mythical creatures with who have very useful magical powers, including the ability to enable very fast space travel. So, of course, humans do what humans do. They conquer the planet and enslave its inhabitants. This book examines the experiences of some of this world’s inhabitants. The series has a diverse group of characters, including people with disabilities and people who identify themselves as Queer. In addition, I read ‘notes to self’. This will receive a full review next week.

I am currently reading the second in the Brighton Belle series. (See last week’s wrap up). So far so good. Talk to you again next week.


I am an avid reader who loves weird/speculative fiction. But, I also read literary fiction.  I love talking about books and hope you love listening to me. I started reading when I was young and never stopped. I like books that  explore new worlds in old ways and old worlds in new ways. I like books that tell old stories in new ways. I love tales of the weird. I like poems that tell stories and stories that read like poems

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