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Throwback Thursday; bumper edition


I’ve still got a backlog of arcs needing review. So, this week I am reviewing three books

When most people think of James Baldwin they tend to think of the earlier work, written during the Civil Rights era. They tend to forget that Baldwin was alive and working during the Eighties. ‘James Baldwin in the 80’s’, by Joseph Vogel, seeks to rectify this omission. This work looks at: the films which Baldwin wrote at this time; the books that make up his later oeuvre; and his attitudes towards the issues of the day, such as; AIDS, gay rights and race relations. It argues that Baldwin disregarded the dominant dichotomy between high and low culture, exploring the films which Baldwin made during the early Eighties. In addition, Vogel explores Baldwin’s individuality, emphasizing his dual identity, being both; African American and gay. The author argues that these aspects of Baldwin’s life, and work, make him a perfect inspiration for our post post modern, intersectional, age.

Strip by Catlyn Ladd outlines the author’s experiences of being a stripper. It looks at her reasons for her choice of occupation and the positive benefits she gained from her choice, saying that it made her more positive about her body and sexuality. In addition, it looks at the abuses faced by the author and her colleagues. She compares her experiences with the narratives of her colleagues, before contrasting them with the myths surrounding, both; sex work, and the people who work in that sector.

Anyone who reads books will be interested in those works that got away. Anyone who loves the writing of a dead author has always dreamt of finding that lost manuscript. ‘in search of lost book’, Giorgio Van Straten, looks at those manuscripts, that primary sources tell us once existed, but have been either lost or destroyed. It is a highly informative, and enjoyable read.


I am an avid reader who loves weird/speculative fiction. But, I also read literary fiction.  I love talking about books and hope you love listening to me. I started reading when I was young and never stopped. I like books that  explore new worlds in old ways and old worlds in new ways. I like books that tell old stories in new ways. I love tales of the weird. I like poems that tell stories and stories that read like poems

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