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Currently Reading 

The story of Egypt by Joanne Fletcher pub Hodder 

Killer Tune by Dreda Say Mitchell pub Hodder 
I am reading Killer Tunes for a in person reading group. This experience proves the value of reading groups. This is a book that I would have never have picked up on my own initiative.  But,  the group decided to read it, and I am really loving it. 


1) what are you reading 

2) are you part of a reading group? What do you think of them. 

Have a good break, if you are having one. If not, have a productive week. 

One thought on “Currently Reading 

  1. I am not reading anything at the moment. Indeed, I don’t open books much at all anymore, but when I do, it’s usually something I’ve read a dozen tiimes already. I can’t seem to trust new literature these days.
    I’m part of a reading group at Goodreads, but they rarely cover books I know. They did one, The Shining, but the meeting for it was too far away.

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