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The Books left untraveled


Well, I’ve been quiet for quite some time.   Blame the heat. Blame a wasp sting that wouldn’t heal up.  Blame Brexit.  Blame my beloved Labour party, currently, breaking my heart on a daily basis.  Blame books that were OK, but nothing to write home about. Blame me for being lazy.  But, now I’m back and have several ideas simmering away in the back ground.  In addition, I have several reviews to write.   But, now the books that I didn’t finish.


Firstly, an apology, I was supposed to have posted a review this week.  It was supposed to have been part of the Ravenswood Tours series.  I was supposed to read and review the book “The Best Sunset in Venice” by Julian Padowicz. But, lethargy and idleness, stopped me even thinking about reading it.   In other words, despite all the reminders that I set, I forgot that I had promised to read the book. So, I am going to insert info about it here.

“SYNOPSIS After a prolonged sojourn in Europe, the sixty-something newlyweds, Kip and Amanda return to the coastal village of Venice, Massachusetts.  Kip is accustomed to his bread always landing jam side down, so the retired literature professor is ambivalent about the unexpected success of his new book.  On one hand, he is thrilled more than he dares admit, even to himself.  On the other, he is afraid that it’s all a dream from which he will awake up in bitter disappointment. However, what awaits him on his return are adventures as diverse as being befriended by a thrill-seeking former Green Beret, getting analyzed by a group of partying psychologists, massaged by an outspoken woman colonel in the Israeli Army, and meeting his wife’s very deadly real husband.” (from publisher promo sheet) Find  more at or buy  at


Now to awards reading.  I have read, or attempted to read, several books from the locus recommended reading list over the last few months.  The first book I read was weighing shadows by Lisa Goldstein;


“Ann Decker fixes computers for a living and in the evenings she passes the time sharpening her hacking skills. It’s not a very interesting life, but she gets by — until one day she’s contacted with a job offer for a company called Transformations Incorporated. None of her coworkers have ever heard of it before, and when Ann is finally told what the company does she can hardly believe it: TI has invented technology to travel in time.

Soon Ann is visiting a matriarchy in ancient Crete, and then a woman mathematician at the Library of Alexandria. But Transformations Incorporated remains shrouded in mystery, and when Ann finally catches her breath, there are too many troubling questions still unanswered. Who are Transformations Incorporated, and what will they use this technology to gain? What ill effects might going back in time have on the present day? Is it really as harmless as TI says?


When a coworker turns up dead, Ann’s superiors warn her about a covert group called Core out to sabotage the company. Something just isn’t right, but before she has time to investigate, Ann is sent to a castle in the south of France nearly a thousand years in the past. As the armies of the Crusade arrive to lay siege and intrigue grows among the viscount’s family, Ann will discover the startling truth — not just about the company that sent her there, but also about her own past.” Back copy blurb  weighing shadows by Lisa Goldstein

This book was interesting but it really failed to grab my attention.  Ann is exactly my sort of character; Geeky, savvy, flawed and insecure.  The start of the novel began well, setting us up for a really gritty cyber punk gem.  But, as the novel progresses, it turns into a time travel novel, reminiscent of Connie Willis. Since, I am not a fan of Connie Willis or time travel stories, I knew that this was going to be a no go for me.  So, we parted company.


Well, I am back. So, that’s a good start.  But, I am afraid that It’s not a very positive post.  After all, I am talking about books which I didn’t finish.  But, in the next few weeks, I will talk about books that I did finish and that I have some feelings about.    The next review will be of a book that I finished but didn’t like very much Darkside War by Zachery Brown







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