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I’m Bored


You may have noticed, and let us face it you wouldn’t have to be a brilliant detective to notice, that I haven’t posted very much lately. There are various reasons for this; ill health, family issues, and the fact that my works been appearing elsewhere on web. But, the main reason is boredom. I am bored of the standard five paragraph blog review: the one’s in which you; briefly describe the plot, spend one paragraph describing what you like, then another paragraph describing what you don’t like, then the final paragraph concluding with a recommendation. I am bored of reading them and I am bored of writing them. In addition, in a crowded field of book reviewers, all of whom are doing similar things; it is very difficult to get your voice heard.

Therefore, recently, I have been asking; what is so special about me and what unique skills do I have to offer the book reviewing community. There’s no getting away from my background, I am an ex-academic, that’s the mode of writing that’s the most comfortable for me. Therefore, that is how I am going to write.

So, what does that mean in practice?  Basically my reviews will be longer. They will be more in depth. They may contain spoilers. They may include references to other works. In addition, I may include other more experimental ideas, such as annotating my old posts. If I re-think a review, or simply find more info/another way of understanding a work, I will amend past post in such a manner that you can see what I am doing.

Moreover, I will try to review different types of books. Of course, I will try to review books by a diverse array of authors, especially those authors who do not receive much critical attention, and books that include characters that you do not normally see represented in books. However, in addition to the normal faire of fiction, I will try to review; political, non-fiction and academic works. I will also be reviewing live performances that I attend.  I am looking forward to my blogging journey.  I hope you will come along with me.

In between reviews, I will post more personal posts reading journals; informing what I am reading, what I am about to read, what books I have acquired and shorter reviews of those books which, I like but don’t have much to say about.

So, that’s where my newly named blog will be going from here. I’m excited, I hope that you are too.

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