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New Years Resolutions

Going purely by the calendar, this post is a little late. But, since this is my first day back at my desk, this is a timely post to start my working year.  My first goal is to blog and read more this year. I, also, plan on reading fewer new books. I must get around to reading more books from; my physical reading shelves, my kindle hard drive, the samples I have downloaded from Amazon, and those books dying on my Amazon wishlist and Goodreads tbr lists. When I read new books they will be; for a reading group, for a podcast that I am Reading along with, for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, from one of those writers who I wish to read their back catalogue (see future posts for future details), a classic, or a book from the history of science fiction or fantasy. In addition, I am reading the Lord Peter Wimsey books in chronological order.


These are the rules for 2014. Before I read a new book, I must read three books from my physical, or kindle, reading shelves. After I have read from my store, I can then by a book from my stock of samples. I must read three of these books before I can read a book from my Goodreads tbr list or Amazon wish list. I must read three books from this list before I read a completely new book. That book must be from  one of the above categories.


Beowulf (reading group Facebook)

Beowulf (Caitlin R Kiernan)

Haroun and the Sea of Stories  Salman Rushdie.

Artful, Ali Smith

Under My Hat


I am, mainly,  going to focus on longer reviews. But, I will try and review every book I read. Some of these, will be essay length , others may simply be one word but they will receive a review. I will supplement these with personal and publishing news. I will also give you brief updates on my reading even when there will be nothing to review.

Next book Review _ Shadowplay (Pantomime #2)

What are your goals for 2014?

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