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The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

This is Lauren Beukes  first mainstream title, with her  earlier works (Zoo City and Moxy Land)  being published by the independent press Angry Robot,  and has received a lot of attention from the mainstream, non-genre, press

Shining girls Lauren Beuks Harper

Shining Girls follows the exploits of, both; a time traveling serial killer, and Kirby a woman who survived one of his attacks.  Kirby’s story is the most interesting part of this work. We see her struggling to come to terms with this brutal assault, while stopping her assailant doing this to anybody else. To do this, she teams up with a disillusioned journalist who was traumatised by reporting on the crimes of our serial killer. These are two interesting characters.  The work explores their relationship; tracing the formation of a strong bond between two flawed and troubled characters. This strand adds an interesting human story to what could have been a grim tale of murder.

This is a competent piece of mainstream fiction,  which explores the issue of violence against women in an interesting manner.

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