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women fiction long list and Stella winner

Book two of my The Women’s
Prize for Fiction

Mateship With Birds

Mateship with BirdsCarrie Tiffany picador

by Carrie Tiffany

This is one of the books that made me glad that I broke my New Year’s resolution and read the Women’s Fiction Prize Longlist.  This book centres on the lives of several characters who are living together in a small rural community. In small intricate poetic intimate passages, this work explores the lives of this group of individuals, creating a weave of; past, present and future lives. This is a rural world and the lives of animals are stitched into the weave, forming a background to the lives of the family. Nature writing, whether in the form of; nature diaries,  beautiful descriptions of the animals that surround them, or wonderfully evocative descriptions of the weather, bring this book to life.  This book explores sexuality; in its many forms, with its many complications and many beauties;  creating a small, but wonderfully drawn sketch of rural life