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I’ve finished my booker read. So, I’m back on this blog. Expect some new blog post soon. But, for now, I am posting a blog post from my booker blog. I thought you might be interested in this book since it as a sci fi feel to it. Do you think that it fits within out FIeld?

eat your vegetables

Communion Town

by Sam Thompson

This is a mosaic novel of interconnecting stories, centering on a place called communion town.  The first story centers around an unknown narrator (an official) who is stalking a woman who has just arrived in the town and whose son has joined a weird group of  rebels.  Another story centered on an impoverished boatman/musician who falls in love with  a woman with secrets. In the last story we find that people feel that they cannot go out at night; the story centers on the stories of those individuals who break the  taboo.

The reader realises  from the start that there is something not quite right in this world.  The weird/surreal elements of this world increase as the work progresses.  Just wondering, has science fiction made the Booker long-list?  I enjoyed this book when I read it but it didn’t seem to make much of an…

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