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reading through a summer of sport #1 osama

Book/s Osama

Author/s Lavie Tidhar


Publisher PS Publishing

Format Kindle Edition

About the author

Lavie Tidhar grew up on a kibbutz in Israel and has since lived in South Africa, the UK, Vanuatu and Laos. He is currently resident back in London. He was nominated, variously, for a World Fantasy Award, a BSFA Award, a British Fantasy Award, a Sidewise Award, Israel’s Geffen Award, the Airship Award, and the Sturgeon and Campbell Awards.

“Bears comparison with the best of Philip K Dick’s paranoid, alternate-history fantasies. It’s beautifully written and undeniably powerful.” – The Financial Times on Osama.


Lavie is represented by the Zeno Literary Agency.


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Where did I get this book?

Date read June 20th 2012

Why I read? This book has been applauded by many trustworthy people including and the guys at the Coode Street Podcast Therefore, I have been very tempted to read this work and so this book has been sitting on my TBR list for some time. My challenge to read all the books in that list has given me the opportunity to finally get around to reading it.

Rating 5 star

Gut Feeling I am really glad that I finally got around to reading Osama. It is one those books that makes you excited about books, reminding you why you read. It takes hold of a lot of genres.  It Mixes and shakes them.  And, in doing so, it creates something totally new.

Summary/plot arch Like many other Noire  detective novels, this book begins with a blond walking into an office of a `tired and emotional` private eye. She wants him to find the author of a pulp novel about Osama bin laden.  He travels around the world; following clues and getting into dangerous situations.  Then this world, which we learn is really an alternative world, spirals out of reality. Women appear and disappear.  Women have no substance.  The private detective must solve the case and, in doing so, he must learn about his life; uncovering secrets and destroying his own reality.

World building Perhaps, in this case, it would be more accurate to speak of worlds.  Both worlds are, at the same time, fantastical and utterly realistic. The worlds engross the reader, thoroughly immersing the reader in the character’s adventures.

Characters At a superficial level, it seems like we have seen these characters before. This book presents a gallery of; attractive blonds, drug users/addicts, cynical private eyes, tired bookshop owners, prostitutes, gangsters, corrupt cops and evil masterminds. But, we soon learn that all the characters have strange quirks and that they are hiding secrets from both; our protagonist and themselves



READ THIS BOOK. And if you like it promote it. It deserves more attention. 

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