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Australian women writers- debris

Book/s  Debris

Author/s Jo Anderton

Publisher Angry Robot

Date September 27th 2011

Why I read this book? I read this as part of the Australian women’s writing challenge.  In addition, the fact that it was published by Angry Robots books made it more tempting.  I had also heard good things about this book from galactic suburbia.

Summary This book, the first of a series, portrays a world of two sectors. The first sector, the more advanced community, belongs to people who can see, and control, the colourful pions that power the city; while, the second sector, a pre-technological grimy ghetto, is inhabited by the ‘Debris’ collectors.  These Debris Collectors cannot see the pions and therefore are forced to collect the pions’ Debris and they are seen/treated as ‘untouchables’ by the rest of society.   Tanyana, the main POV character, quite literary falls from the first half of the world to the second.  This book explores her journey and her adaption to the new world.  She finds that the future of the world relies upon her finding the truth and fighting an emerging evil that threatens her society.


Jo Anderton has created a brilliant world and peopled it with interesting characters.  She, very cleverly, gives the reader a tempting glance of the pion driven world before cruelly snatching it away. The reader therefore shares the main characters sense of loss and uncertainty as this bright world is stripped away.  Debris is a wonderfully unsettling read.  I am looking forward to the next in the series suited.

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A must read series

Author/s  N.K. Jemisin

Book/s   The Killing Moon

The shadowed Sun

Publisher Little, Brown

Date 1st May & 7th June

Why I read? I read her earlier series and really loved it.


Gut Feeling I was really nervous before starting to read this book.  I had enjoyed the earlier series and I was worried that this series would be a let-down.  However, I really enjoyed this series and thought that it is better than the first series.  The world is so engrossing, the characters are interesting and it is a real page turner.

Summary Since these are relatively new books, I will keep the summary as abstract as possible. This is a world that values peace and hates violence/corruption.  This is a world in which gatherers and sharers stalk the night. Gathers give a peaceful end to the dying and death to the corrupt. While, sharers give peace in order to heal.

Conclusion I really enjoyed the fact that this book was not set in fantasy’s traditional world of medieval Europe. It was a change to be placed within a world loosely based on that of Ancient Egypt. The world is a believable one. The books raise some interesting questions concerning the role of peace and war within any given society. READ THIS SERIES. I look forward to Jemison’s next offering

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Olympic read

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in quite some time.  It has been a busy time in my real life. However, things are gradually slowing down and so things will be getting busier on this blog.
Now, I know I maybe a little slow on the uptake.  But, something just recently dawned on me. This summer is going to be a bit boring for a semi- republican sport hating avid reader/arts lover like me. So, I have set myself an Olympian reading challenge. I want to start to get through the books that are; sitting on my to be read table, sitting on my kindle (both whole books and samples), waiting on my TBR list on Goodreads, and on my Amazon Wishlist.      I will try and review all the books that I read (or at least those book that I rate higher than 1 star on Goodreads). I will pin all titles on my pininterest board