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Change in social media focus

I have recently realised that my social media strategy is a mess: too many blogs; many of which are inactive; too many twitter accounts, too much cross posting and too little focus. Changes have to be made. Therefore, this is the plan.


@agentofchage will be political stuff

@Vizk will be writing related stuff

@uniquecomunica will be my personal doings


Vikz Richards will remain as it is


Life Journal will be basically what it says on the tin. It will be my daily doings.

Blogger will be now two accounts this will mainly focus on political stuff will as the name implies will deal with writing, new media and books

Tumbler – will be a general site and carry highlights from all and maybe video and audio extras

Word press- I am unsure what to do with this. It may be deleted or become disability specific.


I am an avid reader who loves weird/speculative fiction. But, I also read literary fiction.  I love talking about books and hope you love listening to me. I started reading when I was young and never stopped. I like books that  explore new worlds in old ways and old worlds in new ways. I like books that tell old stories in new ways. I love tales of the weird. I like poems that tell stories and stories that read like poems

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