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Cameron’s double standard

Mehdi Hasan argue that Cameron chases benefit claimers but ignores Tax evaders. He mocks and derides those who shout about the unfairness of it all. This #compassionate conservative is showing us his true colours now. #UnCut #Welarereform

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He says he will watch the banks “like a hawk” but allows bankers to walk away with taxpayer-funded, multimillion-pound bonuses. He says he cares about the poor, but cracks down on welfare claimants. Such is our prime minister, David Cameron, the “compassionate Conservative”.

Yet, as I noted on Twitter at the time, tax evasion costs the UK exchequer more than fifteen times as much as benefit fraud. Why do we not hear the PM condemning tax evasion with the same vigour and regularity with which he raises the subject of benefit fraud? Instead, Cameron kicked off PMQs by condemning and defaming the anti-tax-evasion group, UKUncut.



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